Accountability Partners

One of SURJ’s Core Values is “Accountability through Collective Action.” Though we are called to educate and engage white folks in the struggle to confront white supremacy and dismantle racism in our region, we recognize this work cannot be done in isolation from or disconnected from the powerful leadership of communities of color. We therefore seek to be intentional about showing up in ways that are most helpful to black and brown leadership in Asheville.


The following list are black and brown led organizations in town that we seek to be in relationship with and to support. Not all the leaders of these organizations agree with one another on strategy. As white allies seeking to be accomplices, we lean into the discomfort of being in intentional relationships with these leaders and organizations, despite these differences. None of us is free until all of us are free. Please engage and support the work of these organizations.

Other organizations we are building relationships with that are not black and brown led, but who are building coalitions and using a racial justice and/or inter-sectional lens in their work: