Our Story & Strategy

Our Story and Strategy

  • Our work is grounded in the call to white people that came out of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC/ˈsnɪk) and Black Power Movement. “Can white people move into the white community and undo it where it exists?” Call for white people to build a power base that could align with the Black Power movement to win change

  • SURJ was founded after Obama was elected, racist backlash and scapegoating of people of color

  • SURJ grew exponentially after Ferguson, with the rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and now with the election of Donald Trump

  • Our purpose is to undermine support in the white community for racist policies, practices and culture through collective action.

  • White people have the major role in keeping the system in place

  • If we withdraw our support the system can’t continue to exist

  • Our work is to develop a mass movement of white people who are actively undermining white support for racist institutions. We do this through collective action to change policies and practices.

  • Accountability – we do this work in the white community while being accountable to people of color led organizers and movements.