Core Team

In January 2016, the first Core Team for Asheville SURJ convened and began organizing for a one year term. In January 2017, the Core Team began the process of adding new leadership and transitioning to a new structure of shared leadership and accountability.

As of 2018, the Core Team is made up of 8 individuals who commit to supporting, organizing, and leading the work of Asheville SURJ. The Core Team works on providing weekly check-in, organizing, and educational spaces for people wishing to increase their commitment to supporting racial justice in Asheville and dismantling White Supremacy within themselves and the circles in which they live, work, and play. Core team members also work to build relationships with our Accountability partners, Black and Brown leaders and organizations in Asheville who advise and challenge us in our work to educate, organize, and mobilize white people in the effort to dismantle White Supremacy. We know we have a great deal of work to do to ongoingly improve our accountability and are dedicated to building new and improving existing relationships. If you have any questions or concerns regarding accountability relationships, please contact us.

Core leaders (as of 2/12/18): TJ Amos, Matilda Bliss, Mic Collins, Ms. Bettie Council, Sara Murphy, Elizabeth Schell, Matt Shepard, and Jay Springer. None of us are experts in doing this work, but merely folks in town who have committed to putting our resources of time, intention, and skill to growing the movement, especially by reaching out to those who are not yet active and are seeking to become more aware and intentional in how they show up for racial justice in Asheville. If you would like to get more involved in sharing this work, please reach out to us!